E. Christopher Conn

E. Christopher Conn is the founding attorney of the Conn Law Firm and Associates. He has practiced exclusively in disability law for over twenty years. Mr. Conn is here to provide outstanding representation and a wealth of expertise to you in your Social Security Disability claim. He has represented clients in disability hearings in over twenty-five states. He aggressively advocates for his clients, including making every effort to resolve his clients’ cases before ever having to see a judge.

Mr. Conn is a native of eastern Kentucky. He graduated from Morehead State University in 1983 with degrees in English and business. He earned his Juris Doctor from Ohio Northern University in 1988.

A stint with the U.S. Army helped pay for his legal education. He followed that up with a program of instruction for lawyers at Harvard Law School.

Following his military service, Conn returned to Morehead State, where he taught economics. Then, he opened his practice in a brown trailer that his parents, Harold and Pat, gave him. These humble beginnings would teach Mr. Conn the value of hard work and perseverance.

Conn says he made the decision to become an attorney because “I enjoyed reading, and in what profession can you read more? There may have been better reasons for becoming a lawyer, but that’s the best I had at the time.” Little did he know that, twenty years later, his practice would grow to serve disabled clients across the United States.

Mr. Conn developed a keen interest in marketing throughout his law career. “If no one knows about your service, then it’s not much of a service.” However, marketing is much more than advertising. “When I appear before a judge, I am a salesman with a code of ethics,” Conn explains. “My job is to market my client’s disability to the judge; persuasion is at the heart of both law and marketing. That’s why they’re such a natural match.”

Mr. Conn is a member of the Kentucky Bar Association and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky.

E. Christopher Conn is the one of only fifty-eight board certified in Social Security Disability by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification.

Mr. Conn Resides in Pikeville, Kentucky. He speaks fluent Spanish and was self-taught.

Personal Note: “Social Security is all I do. Let me get the job done for you.”